Jess de Zilva

fine artist

London-based artist working in London and abroad.

Member of ArtCan


My Part of my practice concentrates on traditional portraiture, following the footsteps of the Old Masters and working from life. These methods feed directly into my other work where I use practical and aesthetic elements of the former, as well as the portraiture.

These more complex works begin with models enacting my vision in a chosen setting. I then proceed with the photographic source material and in painting emulate the way I would work from life. I am in the process of developing this combination of working with photographic material and working from life. The pictures are painted using a limited palette, referencing the methods of the Old Masters, using other colours only very selectively. I aim to create works that have the qualities of the Old Masters and recognize the tradition of portrait painting yet feel contemporary and deal with the issues of today.

I find inspiration in the people I meet in everyday life. The paintings tell their stories, pick up on subtle moods and focus on the delicate relationships and emotional life of today’s living. I am interested in the psychology that underpins our every action and thought and question the degree to which context influences us.

Whilst the paintings are ultimately portraits they are not created with portraiture as the end goal. The people portrayed are the means by which I communicate allegories. Specific poses, expressions, settings and compositions are combined to express these. The protagonists are to be understood as placeholders for any one of us.


2015-     Sarum Studio, Atelier of Fine Art specializing in portraiture. Traditional figure drawing & painting under the tutelage of Nicholas Beer. (A big thank you to the Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, which has kindly

supported me in this endeavor)

2001-2004   BA (Hons) Fine Art/ Painting. University of the Arts London (Camberwell College of Arts)

2000            Foundation Art Studies, Schule für Gestaltung St.Gallen, Switzerland.

City & Guilds Certificate in Delivering Learning (teacher training for adult education)

ABC Certificate Level 3 Decorative Paint Effects

City & Guilds Level 2: Certificate in Decorative Paint Effects

City & Guilds Level 2:Certificate in Design for Craft

Scuola di scultura di Peccia, Ticino, Switzerland: stone carving

Other courses visited: airbrush, life drawing, lardstone workshop, wood-carving.


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  1. Since 2005 painter & designer (faux painting, mural- and furniture painting, decorative specialist painting)

  2. Course lecturer in the Arts for the Adult Education Liechtenstein Erwachsenenbildung Stein-Egerta Anstalt. (past)

  3. Working as private arts tutor in London.


  1. specialist painting (flesh) of Anthea Hamilton’s 5 meter big buttocks installation Project for

  door for the Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain September 2016.

  1. Artwork (33 drawings) and cover for 111er Buach book, published by the society for

  genealogy. published in Liechtenstein. BVD Druck+Verlag AG, November 2015.

  ISBN: 978-3-033-05086-0

  1. Guitar design and execution ‘lets be civilized’ for Marlow Guitars.

  2. Illustrations for the national daily Liechtensteinische Volksblatt

  3. Ceramic painter at Keramik Werkstatt Schaedler, Principality of Liechtenstein (during studies)

  4. Graphics: e.g.program & poster for the Cyprus Jazz Festival, redesign of the CWAK Logo, Billy Cobham concert poster.


2019        From ArtCan with Love, Fitzrovia Gallery (upcoming 5th June 2019)

                Encounters, D-Contemporary, Mayfair, London

                Elevate, The Shard (Duff & Phelps), London Bridge, London.

2018        Christmas Present, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, Hampstead, London.

                From ArtCan with Love, Fitzrovia Gallery, London.

                Diverse Figures, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, Hampstead, London.

                Diverse Portraits: A collective, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, Hampstead, London.

                44 Artworks, Cavendish Venues, W1 London.

                Selfie exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, Islington, London.

2017        The Figure, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London.

                WIA women in art, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London.

2016        SWA 155th Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London.

                Sarum Studio Open Days, Sarum Studio, Atelier of Fine Art, Wren Hall, 56c the Close, Salisbury, UK

                Faces and Spaces, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London.

               Double Feature 7: Paul Braunsteiner und Jess de Zilva, The Room, Vienna, Austria.

2015        FLUX, Royal College of Arts London, Gulbenkian Gallery, London.

                S’Hundertoelferbuach va Mura,  Kulturhaus Roessle, Mauren, Liechtenstein. 

                Sarum Studio Open Studio, Sarum Studio, Wren Hall, 56c the Close, Salisbury, UK

2014        Movement: Artworks Summer Exhibition, The Muse Gallery, 269 Portobello Rd, London.

                Factory Limited 2014, The Muse Gallery, 269 Portobello Rd, London.

                Artsdepot Open 2014, Apthorp gallery, Artsdepot, Finchley, London.

2013        Defragmented, 5th base gallery, Brick Lane, London.

                Scribble to draw, Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill London.

                Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill, London

2011        Half Tone, collaborative artistic production, Truman Brewery, London.

         Half tone on Vimeo:

2010        Three shades of true, collaborative multimedia exhibition, Shoreditch, London.

2009        Summer group exhibition, Galerie Vorstadt6, Feldkirch, Austria.

                Jess de Zilva Zeichnung-Malerei, Solo-opening exhibition, Galerie Vorstadt6, Feldkirch, Austria.
2007        Destinations North, Kensington & Chelsea College, London
2006        Meltdown, Kensington & Chelsea College, London
2004        Degree show, Centenary Gallery, University of the Arts London.
2003        Defrost, Open Studio, Bethnal Green, London.

                x2-a painting show, Centenary Gallery, London.

2001        Views of Kings Cross, The Courtyard Theatre, Kings Cross, London.
2000        Final show, Schule für Gestaltung, St.Gallen, Switzerland.


  1. 2018     Atelier Rom: 3-month Rome artist residency and grant

               (Amt für Kultur Liechtenstein in collaboration with Amt für Kultur St.Gallen, Switzerland)

  1. 2014     Werkbeitrag Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein


Studio shot. “Education” work in progress. 2014.