Jess de Zilva

fine artist


Kunstwoche/ Art-week

Oberschule Triesen, October 2017

A workshop with Secondary school students. Looking at optical illusions and perspective we created a 5 x 3 meter large anamorphic painting. This is a heavily distorted image that when viewed from the correct viewing point gives a 3-D illusion.

On the side we experimented with similar ideas. The students used photography to create optical illusions.

The final piece and photos were presented at a private view.

Here you can see the work in progress and finished.

optical illusions created by students using a camera

Specialist painting for Turner Prize Exhibition

Tate Britain, September 2016

Since it was established in 1984 the Turner Prize has become one of the most prestigious international visual arts awards and has both reflected and contributed to a growing public awareness and interest in contemporary art. The Turner Prize 2017 was awarded on 5th December and an announcement broadcast on the BBC.

We were there to paint a gigantic bottom - to make it look like flesh. The project/ sculpture is called “project for door”. It was part of Anthea Hamilton’s entry to the prize and exhibition at Tate Britain. We prepared the sculpture after it was installed, used water based paints as our base and then finished with oils. Here are some photos of the process and the finished big bottom.

Painting team: Jess de Zilva/ Sue Day/ Josefine Reisch

finished painting. Photo source: Tate website. Photo by Joe Humphrey

final touches

beginnings and colour testing

at work/ colouring

Rad Orchestra music video/ promo

London, 2015

Max Andre Rademacher from the Rad Orchestra contacted me with a rough idea for for their new music video. It was for their own version of Fat Boy Slim’s ‘right here right now’. I took it on and built further ideas upon that, including ways of to enhance the scenography using make-up/ body paints and cutting through the surface of the backdrops. I was responsible for for scenography, painted four large backdrops, and acted as artistic advisor.

Simon Blake (director) and his team at Blunt Stuff then created this quirky promo.

Much fun we had!