Jess de Zilva

fine artist

“The process of this project is like that of a brief encounter. We meet, exchange and part, then individually dwell on our experience. Personal connections and interactions are an essential theme of my artistic practice, regardless of which medium I work in, but this project is different as it asks people to connect, give and have a direct influence on the work, but yet it leaves all parties the freedom of relative non-involvement”

Jess de Zilva 2013


      Project Scribble to draw invites the public to help shape a 500* centimetre long drawing with their scribbles

(previously 350 cm)

Please note that the deadline has been lifted to reach the new goal of 5 Metres.

Around 100 scribbles are still required so you can still take part!

Starting with the scribbles provided by people from all over the world, which are collaged onto paper, artist Jess de Zilva continues drawing with a black BIC CRISTAL pen and pencil and uses TIPP-EX for blending and extra depth. De Zilva takes inspiration from the scribbles and draws directly from and on them. The final piece will be around 500 centimetres long. The detailed drawing, a network of all the people, young and old, who participated will have a band running along the top, docu-menting the input at various stages of the project.


by emailing a scan or photo of your scribble to

The scribbles should be ABSTRACT, NON REPRESENTATIVE and it should take only a second or two to make. So you needn’t be worried about what to draw or how to draw but just scribble away! ;) The scribble should be approximately the size of the palm of your hand and drawn in black biro on plain white paper.

For reasons of documentation participants are asked to provide the following information with their scribble:

Full name, location and time of its making.

View the videos on the right for a quick guide to scribble making and the project

A full page scribble by Danjuro Kishino, from Tokyo, Japan. One of the youngest to take part in the Scribble to draw project, at the age of 5 years. The lower right corner of his large scribble was used for the collage.

SCRIBBLE TO DRAW on show (at 250 cm) at Debut Contemporary in Notting Hill in November.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! It wouldn’t be possible without you.


current Number of participants:


Scribbles integrated:

around 80

Known nationalities to have taken part:

UK/ Liechtenstein/ Qatar/ Greece/ Israel/ Ireland/ Germany/ Italy incl. Sardinia/ Senegal/ Switzerland/ France/ Syria/ Iran/ New Zealand/ Austria/ India/ Japan/ Czech Republic/ Poland/ Australia

So far scribbles have come from:

UK/ Liechtenstein/ Italy (Sardinia)/ Qatar/ Switzerland/ Austria/ Germany/ Japan/ Czech Republic/ Canada/ Greece/ Australia/ Greece/

for a sneak peak, some details and general photos at 250 centimetres click here or on the image to the left